Professional makeup Artist and Body Painter

Creating Art in Unnusual Ways....

Welcome to my site

     As a Makeup artist I always create images on the face and or body to represent what the client or production want.  I'm always trying to push my creativity by combining elements and making an image before the first picture is taken. I have being doing makeup for over fifteen years. I started in Puerto Rico as Special effects makeup artist for theater, TV, and films. 

     I find inspiration in the unusual and still in casual things we see every day that don't necesarily jump into our concience as a creative idea.  My goal is to go back to work in film, SPFX, and theater and opening my own makeup school in PR.  I currently work as an artist for MAC Cosmetics at the PRO store in Orlando.


     I'm always looking to expand my portfolio and collaborate in different projects that will push my creative intellect.  I enjoy this art, and I'm always willing to share my knowledge and experience with others as much as I can.  This is my passion, my dream, my call.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you enjoy your stay in my page.  I appreciate your comments and looking forward to meet all of you.  

  Juan Pantoja